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About MHF

Mountain High Fly was started in the spring of 2016 in the small town of Lincoln, NH. Since it's inception, MHF has grown into the primary hub for hardcore fly-fishermen and fly tyers in central New Hampshire. We welcome anglers of all skill levels looking to catch all species wheather it's small wild brook trout or large predatory pike. We carry a wide array of brands at the shop, and most of these brands manufacture their products right here in the United States. Examples of these "American made" companies are Sage fly rods, Veedavoo, HMH vises, Rising, Cliff Outdoors, Griffin, Renzetti, Peak vises, and Blackstrap to name a few. Selling only the highest quality products is our goal here at MHF. If we don't use it, we don't carry it.


Jonathan Zukowski has been fly-fishing for 25 years in New Hampshire and beyond. He cut his teeth just down the road from the shop on the Pemigewasset, or "Pemi". Jon was fortunate to grow up on the banks of the Pemi in nearby N. Woodstock, he would come home from school each day and take to the river in search of brook trout until the sun went down. This upbringing made Jon the expert angler and fly tyer that he is today, Jon has fished for many species over the years, his favorite fish to target are large wild trout, muskellunge, bowfin, Northern pike, bass, steelhead, landlocked salmon, striped bass, false albacore, and arctic grayling. Jon has travelled to Massachusettes, Rhode Island,  Maine, Vermont, New York, Alaska, Colorado, and many other special places to find fish on a fly, Travel is a passion that Jon developed through fishing, he furthered that passion by studying Travel and Tourism Managment and Policy at Plymouth State University, which he holds a BA degree in. Jon is a professional fly tyer for CATCH Fly-Fishing, a board member for the NH chapter of the Native Fish Coalition, a writer, and a dedicated educator of the art, sport, and science of fly-fishing and tying. When Jon isn't working at the shop or tying flies, he spends his time floating rivers and stillwaters in his Hyde drift boat, playing music, or hunting grouse, hare, and whitetail deer. Jon can be found on various social media sites, @jonnyzukowski (Instagram), Jonathan Zukowski (Facebook), or his website . He can be reached at or by phone, 603-348-7447.  


















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